Episode #8: Wayne Duerkes

Wayne is going to be one of the preeminent 19th century United States historians in the next decade. Mark my words. 

It's a bold statement, sure, but after you listen to what he's done and what he's been through, I think you'll agree.

Wayne's what the university system calls a "non-traditional student." He served in the Gulf War as a Marine, worked for the U.S. Postal Service, and ran a successful newspaper distribution company. After the 2008 economic downturn, he lost the company and did something I would've told him never to do: go back to school. 

He went to a community college in the pursuit of studying U.S. history and never turned back. His curriculum vitae is stacked, his knowledge is vast, and he's a true source of wisdom and inspiration. 

Quote of the Show: "My main research focus is 1830s to 1860s north central Illinois - DeKalb, LaSalle, Kendall, Kane counties - and I realized this was a highly productive, very influential region that actually helped build Chicago. Chicago would've never gotten off the ground without this region. It became an economic battlefield with the long-standing St. Louis and this up-start community called Chicago[...]and it became more and more evident this research focus had an immense gap and it was highly important to the story of the United States." 

Guru™ Show Notes (What's Mentioned in the Podcast, In Order):

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