Episode #7: Sam Kwak

I found Sam Kwak through his LinkedIn profile and became immediately impressed. After watching some of his videos and reading his Pulse, I realized there's a reason behind his success at such a young age.

He's a serial entrepreneur, a real estate investor, and author of the book, "Fire Your Boss." Oh, and he's only in his early 20s. We talk in this episode about definitions of success, insights on business and lifestyle, and a discussion on skillsets for Millenials entering the workforce or wanting to start their own business. 

I asked Sam a series of questions: 

  • Who are your influences?
  • What are your biggest failures?
  • What's your background as an immigrant?
  • What's your American Dream?
  • Do you think Millennials have grit? 
  • Where'd you receive your courage and leadership?
  • How was writing your book?
  • How do you market yourself and fight for attention?

Types of Skillsets Millennials Need: "Emotional intelligence, self-awareness. A lot of Millennials have hard skills. We need to be patient building things. Success doesn't happen overnight. Deploying patience in areas of our lives is essential. Some of the things you commit to won't come to fruition until possibly 5, 7, or 10 years. Patience can be developed. I was trained to be patient about things not in my control. Having vision is another skillset. I'm talking about what do you want people to say about you when you die, on your tombstone. What will people say about you? What is your end game? You need patience to deploy that vision."

Quote of the Show: "When I die I want people to say I made an impact financially and spiritually from my business in a permanent way. I work backwards from that vision. Then I choose which pencil I want to sketch the strategy with." 

Advice for People: "The number one enemy is yourself. Once you find calmness and clarity within yourself -- even with your competitors and the challenges you'll have -- you'll be able to manage anything."

"If you find yourself unfilled, I believe everyone has greatness. Go at whatever you want. We live in a causal universe and we were all meant to be great. I challenge people who don't believe this to put your potential and value to use." 

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