Episode #11: Kaspar Povilanskas

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Kaspar is the co-founder of NowADays Media and a viral trend starter. With over 750M followers in his network, he creates trends on social media for brands, businesses, and apps. He's a free spirit, hilarious, and someone to watch out for in the coming years for sure.  

This episode was purely organic, long-form conversation style. Kaspar's style is part renegade, part mad genius. I think he grew up with an unquenchable thirst for creative success. He recounts a story of his teenage, profitable business ventures. 

Listening to how he leverages his network to start trends, it really inspired me to look more creatively at my own projects. He made a concrete distinction in the show, he said he was the visionary, the creative in his team. Hearing how he tries to replicate the voice of the zeitgeist, I can understand why.

I'm not too interested in providing a total breakdown of the episode here in the article because you just need to listen to this one for yourself. We talk about his path to success, what motivates him, and so much more.