Episode #6: Bill Wallwin

I connected with Bill Wallwin on LinkedIn some time ago due to his unique experience with technology. Having David Gunkel on the last episode sated my philosophical curiosity with technology (and the impending robot apocalypse), but this week I was interested with Bill's boots-on-the-ground experience. 

He's on the sales side of cloud technology and risk mitigation. Currently, his position is "Cloud & Risk Mitigation Specialist" with ServerCentral (which has a really cool data center in Elk Grove Village). It's his ability to explore these tech questions without technical jargon that's appealing. He's steeped in cloud-based tech questions, IT security, risk mitigation, and really well-rounded in other tech domains as well, and he's able to communicate these ideas with precision.

These skills add up to a great salesman, a thought leader in his space, and a wonderful podcast guest. 

We talk about the challenges of cloud implementation in business, what organizational culture changes need to happen in order to become more data-driven, what the market competition is, what it means to be a risk mitigation expert, predictions with AI and machine learning in the next five years, virtual reality and the advancements of VR, and much more.

We dove into the how robotics and widespread automation will replace and reduce the human workforce. I asked Bill how this might change our existential connection to jobs:

"I'm 45 years old. I've adapted my thoughts, position in life, and skillsets to be in the new world. I started out going to DeVry studying binary, but I also worked in construction, so I'm not afraid to working with my hands. I'm open-minded, because society shifts. We're going to have an aging population against these societal shifts, but the new workers of today don't have exposure to 30-year careers and pensions. They're trying to find their own path, to individual wealth, to creating their own nest egg. They don't want to be status-quo with a $50K job for 50 years -- they want to make a million dollars! So I think we're pushing Millennials to be more entrepreneurial. Philosophically, people will have a hard time embracing this, but those people are already moving out of the workforce. Humans will adapt, plain and simple."

Quote of the Show: "If our minds can think of all the incredible advancements so far in the world, our minds can also embrace the idea that the average job will be replaced by robots. But it gives us humans the ability to use our mind now instead of  brawn, and figure out how to earn a living doing something I'm far more passionate about." 

Advice for People: "If getting into the cloud and tech business is something you're passionate about, it's going to grow exponentially ... but it's also going to bottom out soon. You need to think about how to add value, how to be impactful, and really gear your pitch to be more customer-focused."

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