Episode #2: Ronald Lanz

Ron Lanz is a true thought leader in his field of municipal planning. He's a builder, so he loves to move ideas from inception, implementation, to execution. The idea he's building now is called The National Museum of the American Sailor, the first U.S. Navy museum dedicated to the enlisted sailor. 

I'm always fascinated by people who move in and out of careers and sectors and I'm sure that's why I was drawn to Ron. He worked as a municipal planner, built his own consulting firm for municipalities and corporate developers, and now is the executive director of a nonprofit. The range of skills involved in all these endeavors, I thought, would have been multifaceted, but he insisted the skills to lead either a corporate, municipal, or nonprofit organization are all the same. It's just pure and simple leadership.

He described his leadership style as a consensus builder. He added, "Everyone adds something to the end product, and that's how the product survives." 

Ron's one piece of advice for young professionals and entrepreneurs:  "Always have alternatives. You can't just expect things to go the way you like. When things don't go the way you planned, have that backup plan ready to be executed." 

Quote of the Show: [When asked about how his empathy changed due to his executive director experience] "I'm completely in awe when I talk to veterans. The things they go through and the sacrifices they make, you can't really appreciate them until you sit down and talk to them. My pure exposure now to sailors wanting to share those stories has completely amazed me. And those stories are being lost. The museum allows those stories to be captured in sailors' own voice and passion in a variety of formats."

You can reach Ron on his LinkedIn page and his consulting website. Please visit The National Museum of the American Sailor and donate on this page

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