Episode #4: Erik Engel

Erik Engel is a school social worker, coordinator of a homeless shelter, practices privately at Leyden DuPage Counseling Service, and a speaker for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

In this episode, I talk to Erik about how he got involved in running a homeless shelter and what it really means to serve. Service to others, as it turns out, really does define Erik's life: all of the different "jobs" he has positively impacts others. Consider the following bio from the Yellow Ribbon project on him and the other Cadre of Speakers:

"Erik Engel, LCSW, is an Air Force veteran from a military family (retired Colonel sister and WWII Army veteran Father). He is a practicing clinical social worker working in a high school setting and in private practice with civilian and military families. He began working with deploying military Service members as a counselor with the MFLC program just before the beginning of the formal YRRP. His speaking style reflects his previous work with challenging audiences by being purposefully engaging and interactive. At a recent pre-deployment YRRP, he presented his opening remarks from on top of a hover board, while sharing in uncomfortable fear as a metaphor for their upcoming deployment. He is most well-known for giving out his cell phone number to the audience to engage with him live while he presents, so he can even connect with those whose faces are buried in their cell phones. He has successfully presented on every topic within the OSD library as well as delivering keynotes and emceeing."

Piece of Advice:

"Your motivator is loving people. Everyone's familiar with the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Love your neighbor as yourself. I believe God puts people in our paths. In a given day, there will be people put in your path and you're just supposed to help and love them. If there are people in front of you, help them."

You can find Erik online at www.itascacares.org.

Guru™ Show Notes (What's Mentioned in the Podcast, In Order):

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