Episode #1: Matt Zastrow

Matt Zastrow was the perfect first guest for the podcast. A podcast about Chicago industry, tech, and thought leadership's first guest is a young entrepreneur in Colorado in a niche industry most likely impervious to the impending artificial intelligence wave. Well, maybe impervious. 

Earth Inspired Coaching started in the mind of Chicagoland native Matt Zastrow. The mission? To enable optimal health through primal lifestyle coaching. If you need to know anything about Matt, you only need to visit his About Me page and click on the video of him on one of Mt. Capitol's tallest knife edges. 

He's a crazy man. Crazy passionate. There's a switch at a period in the podcast where you can hear the passion and excitement ooze into his voice when he starts talking about his company, its mission, values, and vision.

I incorrectly cast Matt's business as just a nature and adventure guide service, but it's actually much more. It's fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, and lifestyle coaching. Oh, and it's helping you get to the top of mountains in Colorado. Maybe, just maybe (if you ask real nice) he'll bring his cat with you to the top. 

Quote of the Show: "If you are an engineer and if you have a task, it's okay to whip out the caliper and measure it to the thousandth. But as a person, don't be so harsh on yourself because you're going to defeat yourself that way."

You can reach Matt at his Facebook page and on his website

Guru™ Show Notes (What's Mentioned in the Podcast, In Order):

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